A HoME for hope, support, encouragement, and
                                                                                                                           connections on this absurd but shared journey.
Family Support Network
 About Us

Why the HFSN?

The HFSN takes the combined experiences of past and present families of children with HME/CD and
assimilates and condenses the knowledge and access to resources they have gained in their individual
journeys for sharing with not only each other, but all future HME/CD families so that their journeys may be
less burdensome and more hopeful
from the outset. The intent is to provide new families with educational,
medical and supportive type resources, as well as stories of hope and perseverance, in one easy to navigate
location. The HFSN also serves to link all families, old and new, together for the purpose of sharing ideas,
challenges, successes and general peer-to-peer support. Please join us. We would love to have you!

Our Mission

The mission of the HFSN is to empower families to better and more efficiently make informed decisions regarding their
child's total care by providing up to date information on medical centers, related medical issues, current research and best
practices regarding surgery, therapy and general care, links to valuable local and national resources, and peer-to-peer

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Membership Inquires: send email to membership@hemimegalencephaly.com

Placement of child on Faces of Hope:
send email to faces@hemimegalencephaly.com

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